Monday, 29 May 2017

Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Today we will be looking at another gaming mouse from a huge giant company everyone knows and loves. This is the Microsoft Sidewinder X8 wireless gaming mouse. The wireless operates at 2.4GHz so if you have certain devices in your house that use this frequency, such as your cordless phone, then this mouse is not for you.
It has a 4000 DPI engine with Play-n-Charge and it runs at 13K frames per second. What this means is that the little camera at the bottom is taking a picture of the surface thirteen thousand times every second to provide you with a smoother and more accurate control of movement and thus better performance. There is a maximum acceleration of 75g, a maximum speed of 120 inches per second, and 30 hours of wireless functionality. That amount of time is pretty good because even the most hardcore World of Warcraft RAID player is probably not going to be playing for 30 hours straight.

On the top of the mouse itself, behind the silver wheel, there are three black buttons down the middle. On the left side there are two back and forward silver buttons which is kind of unique and useful because, usually, you would see these buttons in a horizontal orientation but on the Sidewinder, they’re in a vertical orientation in a sort of rocking toggle style. In front of those buttons is another black button. It is nice to see more buttons on the left because while some mice go overboard with the buttons, the Sidewinder places them very well without interfering with your fingers reaching other buttons. The top half of the mouse looks like some sort of cap that can be removed but it certainly cannot.

On the right there seems to be some sort of ergonomic groove for your pinkie. It seems like the way this mouse was intended to be used is with your pinkie resting on this groove because if you try to hold it in the traditional way you would other mice, it would be kind of uncomfortable. This is because it leaves a lot of space beneath your palm in respect to the surface. The bottom features a silver colored coating that seems to make the mouse look like a race car with the fins at the rear end of the mouse. There are four black non-sticking feet to each corner and a power switch on the right side of the mouse. In the middle of the bottom is a black cover where the blue track technology is housed. The Sidewinder X8 uses a blue laser and not the traditional red laser thus making it theoretically better in tracking performance. The black cover also conceals where you would place the AA battery.

Accessories included with the X8 would include a rechargeable nickel metal hydride AA battery that can be charged with the included black round cylindrical base from USB power. This base also allows the mouse to perform in wired mode as another cord from the base can be used to connect to the mouse itself. The head of this cord snaps magnetically on to the front of the mouse making it a very cool feature.