Best Gift Appliance for Christmas: Rival Steam Rice Cooker

Cooking rice for a meal is an absolute nightmare if you try to do it on the stove in a saucepan. When dinner is cooking all items must be timed to be hot and ready at the same time. This is not an easy task. Over the years you will be better at it but occasional errors in timing are inevitable. This is a shame because it is too time consuming to make more rice while the rest of your dinner gets ruined waiting.
Checking the rice in a saucepan even once lets the steam out and changes when your rice will be ready and perfect. Then repeated checking alters it further. If you forget to put the rice in the minute the water is boiling some of the water will boil away and your measurement will be off. If you have other issues as you get your meal together your rice pan can sit quietly on the stove and burn.

For these reasons alone many people neglect to prepare good rice. Instead they serve minute rice. Using a rice cooker is EASIER than preparing minute rice. The good flavor of perfectly cooked real rice will win you over the first time you make it.

There are a lot of Rice Cookers out there, but here are five top reasons to choose a Rival Steam Rice Cooker.

1. Size

The Rival Steam Rice Cooker is one of the smallest models. It prepares up to six cups of rice. There are few meals that would require more rice than this for the average family. The smaller cooker requires less room on the counter when space is at a premium during meal preparation. It is easy to move from cupboard to counter because it is so light weight.

2. Easy Directions

There is nothing complicated about a Rival Steam Rice Cooker. It is a one button operation. You push the single lever at the bottom to cook. You cannot make a mistake.

3. It is Self Timing

You measure the correct amount of rice and add it to the measured water, place the lid on it and press the lever to “Cook”. It will turn off by itself when it’s done. It automatically flips to “Warm” and the rice will stay hot and perfectly cooked for more than an hour.

4. It is a Steamer

It is a steamer as well as a rice cooker, it steams any kind of food. Choose vegetables, fish or potatoes. It will even warm and freshen rolls and tortillas when lined with a cloth.

4. Easy Clean Up

You only need to wash the removable pan and the lid because it never overflows. The pan washes clean with a wipe or a soft brush. Set it back in the appliance and place it in your storage area.

5. Easy Storage

The small size makes it easy to store, even in a small cupboard. Choosing a specific storage spot to place your rice cooker is important. It will always be easily accessible with your few pieces together. Take it out, use it, put it away. It is as easy as pie.

Do not underestimate the value of this appliance. Over the years the cost of the poorly timed and ill prepared rice will more than pay for this inexpensive appliance. But more importantly, always having perfectly cooked rice without any effort is worth the cost.

The Rival Steam Rice Cooker is available for less than $25.00 in any department store. Choose it for the perfect Christmas gift this year!

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